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"Shiloh" at Essentially Choral 2012

An overdue update:

I recently had the great honor to be one of the six composers selected for the tenth edition of Essentially Choral, a three-day, intensive series of workshops in Minneapolis, mentoring sessions, and rehearsals, run by the Minneapolis-based chorale organization VocalEssence (Phillip Brunelle, director), with a participation of a guest composer, this year the distinguished composer Jerod Impichchaachaha' Tate:

From left to right: me (André Brégégère); my fellow participating composers (Timothy J. Brown, Elizabeth Lim, James Kallembach, , Kala Pierson, and Jake Runestad); Jerod Tate; and Phillip Brunelle).

Many thanks to everyone involved: Phillip Brunelle, Sigrid Johnson, and the VocalEssence singers and administrative team; Jerod Tate; and my fellow composers: Tim, Liz, Kala, James, and Jake: I hope we will cross path again soon!

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