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Dear music-loving friends,

I am very proud to announce that the ensemble Lunatics at Large —a "young, energetic and highly polished" (New York Times) ensemble of Mannes College graduates and friends—has commissioned me to write a piece as part of a special project being planned for spring 2011, the "Sanctuary Project," to be premiered at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall on March 21, 2011. Following is a short description of the project—as well as links that will allow you, if you feel so inclined, to support our fundraising effort towards this ambitious and exciting endeavor:

Lunatics at Large is presently commissioning established and emerging poets and composers to write works on the theme "Sanctuary". The opening performance of the Sanctuary Project - featuring five 10 to 15-minute chamber works and ten poems - will take place at Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall on March 21, 2011, followed by a performance at the WMP Concert Hall on April 21, 2011. Several other performances are also planned for the spring 2011 in actual sanctuaries of churches and synagogues in New York City. In addition to these performances, each collaborative work will be presented in a poetry class at NYU, Columbia University and the New School in the early spring of 2011. Finally, the theme of the Sanctuary Project will lend itself particularly well to be presented for New York City's homeless-shelter population. Two concerts with free admission will be organized in the early spring of 2011.

Participating composers are Andre Bregegere, Mohammed Fairouz, Raphael Fusco, Laura Koplewitz, and Alex Shapiro, and participating poets Robert Buchert, Joanna Fuhrman, David Shapiro, Yerra Sugarman, and Ryan Vine.

Lunatics are beginning a fundraising effort for the project and need your help. You can 'adopt' any composer or poet (including yours truly!). To make a contribution (in any amount) please visit:

  • To support directly composer Andre Bregegere:  

  • To support the Sanctuary Project as a whole (and/or other individual members of the project):

Lunatics at Large is sponsored by Fractured Atlas. All donations are tax-deductible and will go towards the commissioning fees.

Warm regards,
Andre Bregegere

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