Andre Bregegere

Composer | Educator | Visual Artist


Sept caprices pour flûte seule - Roberta Michel, flute

"I was delighted when Roberta asked me to write this piece for flute solo. I knew that I was dealing with a remarkable performer who could handle pretty much anything with grace, and I was also excited by the availability of piccolo, alto, and bass flute, in addition to the standard instrument. I quickly decided to write a series of short movements of various tempi and styles, a little bit in the manner of a Baroque suite. The movements also alternate instruments, and each one is based on a different harmonic framework, reinforcing their contrasting nature. The title, Sept caprices, reflects the playfulness of the music, as well as the way these movements were composed: it was indeed a very joyful and effortless process for me, writing music in the morning, during the short periods where my newborn daughter, Iris, was sleeping. Sept caprices is dedicated to her." - A. Bregegere 

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